"We decided to shop for plastic because the greenhouse plastic was old.
We likes PATILUX because it was durable, better light transfer
and we experienced good heat retention. After installing the plastic,
I noticed that I grew better looking plants." J.M.

"I found the plastic to provid brighter light.
I ranked PATILUX the most durable of all plastic
that we tried like ALL. I like the toughness of the plastic it stood up
to ice storm that cut other brands to shreds.
I would recomend Patilux." D.D.M

"The quality of transparency of the plastic is comparable to glass.
I found in Jan.-Feb. the greenhouse that has the PATILUX plastic
made a difference in how quickly my crop grew.
It provided us with an earlier harvest date and that was key for us."C.M

My objective is to help you find
the best plastic for you within our PATI product line.

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