Poly Patch Tape : Available in assorted sizes with or without paper backing Please call for pricing 1-519-322-1072 email: plasticman@polydepo.net

Killer Drop DROP INHIBITOR : Stops condensate dripping, increases light, and reduces heating costs. Improve plant quality and yield due to less botrytis and other plant diseases. As much as 50% more sunlight is transmitted through Killer Drop treated poly, polycarbonate, or glass. Non-toxic, easily applied as a spray.

CHARACTERISTICS : KILLER DROP prevents formation of liquid drops internally of all types of hothouses, preventing plant damage. KILLER DROP adheres to all types of plastic, glass and metal. KILLER DROP is soluble, and having a neutral pH, in conditions of normal use does not cause damage to plants.

Advantages utilizing KILLER DROP : Increase of luminosity; Diseases (i.e. BOTRYTIS) are hindered; Reduces problem of spots on plants and flowers; The effect on treated surfaces lasts for about 6 months. To remove use a stream of water under pressure.

DILUTIONS : Dilute KILLER DROP to 4%. To treat an extension of 1000 square metres; 100 litres of solution are necessary; For the solution, it is advisable to use rainwater or demineralized water.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE : KILLER DROP can be applied by a normal motorized or manual nebulizer. IMPORTANT: fittings have to be clean before use, do not mix with other products besides water. Apply KILLER DROP on dry surfaces, spraying the solution from eaves to ridge of the roof, until entire surface is wet and the drops of the solution cannot be seen. After application it is necessary to completely dry all treated surfaces, by aerating or ventilating.

CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (THESE CHARACTERISTICS REFER TO PURE PRODUCT) : Physical state Liquid; Colour Milk-white; Odour Light; Specific weight 1 Kg/Lt; Boiling point > 100�C; Solubility in water Complete; Solubility in main solvents Insoluble; pH Neutral; Foam Absent; Expiry date of packed product 24 months; Danger signs None; Risk wording None; Safety wording None;
Please call for pricing 1-519-322-1072 email: plasticman@polydepo.net

Shade Products : Especially developed for applications where the coat of whitewash applied to the greenhouse must last for a whole season. It provides an attractive white, even shading coat which can be easily removed using shade remover at the end of the season. Shade Products is exceptionally resistant to the effects of frost and rain, and is UV stabilized. Shading effect can be adjusted according to need. A lighter shading effect can be provided in the spring, for example, than in the summer. Shade Clean removes Shade Products from glass, poly-carbonate, and plastic film. Shade Clean must be diluted with clean water before use in a ratio of 1 part Shade Clean to7 parts water. Add Shade Clean to the water while stirring. Spray the diluted Shade Clean on a dry greenhouse during dry weather, making sure that the shade coating is thoroughly moistened.
Please call for pricing 1-519-322-1072 email: