THE FIRST USE of a plastic film in agriculture is said to date from 1948 when Prof. E.M. Emmert had no money to buy a glasshouse and covered a wooden structure with cellulose acetate film, which he replaced with polyethylene film some time later. The use of polymers in agriculture on a significant scale started in the early 1950s when low density polyethylene (LDPE) was used to replace paper for mulching vegetables.

In 1987, and continuing for nearly eight years, Dr. Papdopoulos, compared greenhouses vegetable production under greenhouses covered with glass, double poly and hard acrylic panels. The results showed that production of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers was comparable under all three structures. Today, farmers, greenhouse growers and home gardeners can turn to us for Plastic Films for Agricultural Applications

Our Italian plastic film supplier has almost fifty years of knowledge and expertise to enable the company to propose sound solutions for agriculture plastics. Their knowledge and expertise as made them a leader of EVA and plasticized PVC films. Poly Depot supplies on demand sales and services of cutting and/or welding of plastic sheeting for greenhouses, walk-in tunnel and low tunnel covers, pond liners for water reservoirs, silage protection and mulching. Order by phone or email us today in Ontario Canada.

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